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GDPR Compliance for WordPress Websites

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WordPress Website GDPR Compliance Update:  $150

Why your website needs to be GDPR Compliant

it’s required by European Law

You’ve probably seen something about the new European GDPR (General Data Privacy Regulation) Law that has been in place since late May 2018. Yes, we’re well past that date, but chances are that you’re not doing anything you shouldn’t be doing with client data and though the law has significant penalty fines for non-compliance, you have plenty of time to get in compliance should your site be reported as non-compliant.

Even if you don’t have European clients, if you have a website, it’s viewable in Europe and that means that you need to be in compliance with this law.

In a nutshell, the law is about ensuring that anyone who provides you with their personal information has the right to privacy and that you have a few basic things in place that will ensure that privacy. It sounds complicated and can be if you haven’t taken the time to sort through all the information. Since I provide support services for my WordPress clients, I researched the requirements and distilled out exactly what’s needed for WordPress sites.

Here’s what you need

I’ve researched the GDPR Requirements and how they apply to WordPress websites and this is a summary of what you need.

A Privacy Policy

This needs to cover all areas of your site that collect information from anyone who visits your site. Your Privacy Policy needs to be easy to find for anyone browsing your site and it needs to discuss what specific tools you use to collect data, how you store that data, and how individuals can have that data removed from your site if they decide they no longer want you to have it.

Review of Forms on your site

You’ll need to review all areas on your site where visitors may be asked to give you information such as their name and email address. Each of these areas must have wording in place notifying prospective subscribers how you will be storing and using their personal information. In addition, you need to ensure that the Forms and Plugins you are using are GDPR compliant.

Letting Subscribers know that your site is GDPR Compliant

Once you’ve reviewed your site and implemented procedures to ensure that your site is GDPR Compliant, you need to send out an update to all your subscribers giving them access to your Privacy Policy and inviting them to unsubscribe from your mailing list should they choose to do that.

My GDPR Compliance Update Offer

For a fee of $150, I will review your site and make the following updates for you:

Privacy Policy

I’ve developed a Privacy Policy that addresses specific WordPress features that most sites have. I will review tools used on your site and update this WordPress Privacy Policy template with details that reflect how your site protects private information for your subscribers.

Once you’ve approved the Privacy Policy, I’ll create a link to it. Most likely somewhere in the footer area of your website.

Here’s my own privacy policy and you’ll notice there’s a link to this policy down in the footer are of this page. We’ll create something similar for your site along with a link that will probably be set up in the footer area of your site.

Review of Forms on your Site

I’ll review all the forms and plugins used on your site to ensure that the Provider is GDPR compliant.

For each of the areas where you invite people to give you their personal information, I’ll add wording letting them know how we use their personal information and getting their permission to do that.

Letting Subscribers know that your site is GDPR Compliant

I’ll set up a template message to be sent to all your subscribers in your email marketing software (AWeber, MailChimp, etc.) and provide you with a test version of this message that you can customize to reflect your personal communication style with your subscribers.

That’s it! Your website will be in compliance with GDPR.

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WordPress Website GDPR Update:  $150


Frequently Asked Questions

[expand title=”What will happen if I don’t comply with GDPR”]

Quite possibly. Nothing. You may be reported, in which case you will receive notification that you need to be compliant within a certain time period.


[expand title=”Can I do this update myself?”]

Absolutely! If you’re inclined to research and figure out what needs to be done, you can certainly do it yourself. It did take me a few days of researching and sorting through all sorts of information to find what was needed and  to update my own site before I put together this offer. And you could absolutely do that if you enjoy this sort of thing.


[expand title=”How long will it take for you to do it for me?”]

I’ll let you know when your update is on my schedule. Typically, I can get everything done within a few days depending on your availability to approve the updates.


[expand title=”If I don’t have European clients do I still need to do this?”]

Yes. Your website is on the internet and can be viewed by potential clients all over the world including in Europe. Since any of them could contact you via your website, you need to comply with the law.



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