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Hi Amy!

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Project Scope

Set up SSL and HTTPS

Coordinate an SSL Certificate with Dreamhost and make updates to WordPress to tighten security access to your site. Check for mixed content throughout the site and correct URLs.

Website Security Maintenance

Set up BackupBuddy (my Developer version that retails for $80 for one year of support) and run the MalWare Scanner to look for vulnerabilities. Update Plugins and WordPress version. Check PHP versions running on Dreamhost and update as needed. Run external utilities looking for site vulnerabilities.

Address Spam Comments

Trash all existing spam comments and set up plugin/s to reduce spam comments to your blog posts. Monitor the site daily for a week and then weekly for another month to check results and tweak as needed.

What I need from you to start this project

Admin account on your WordPress Dashboard

Go to your WordPress Dashboard and Select Users / Add New from the left column. You’ll see something like this

You can fill it out pretty much exactly as in the screenshot above, and click the Add New User bottom left when you’re done.

That’s it!

Dreamhost access

Login to your CPanel account as well as to the account that provides support at Dreamhost

Project Quote: $280




Thank You!!