Websites by Maryna

Hi Christine!

You can sign up here for the hosting special offer and website project we’ve been discussing over the past few weeks.

Introductory Hosting and Security Special for Christine

This service will include the following:

  • having your site ( transferred from GoDaddy where it’s currently hosted to LiquidWeb
  • setting up weekly backups that are stored remotely
  • setting up Security that constantly monitors your site for issues
  • regular plugin updates to reduce the risks of hacker attacks targeting outdated software
  • monitoring email alerts if anything unusual happens on your site allowing me to investigate and act if necessary
  • after the initial 12 month subscription, we will re-evaluate

This introductory special won’t include sending monthly email updates. In other words, I’ll be doing all the updates, but not reporting back to you about them every month.

Introductory Hosting Special: $37 for 12 months

Website Project

Create new design/style and WordPress Theme for

A development site will be set up using a subdomain such as This means that will not be affected at all during the development of the new look. Once development is complete, it will take less than an hour to move the changes to the main site and this will be done during night time on the West Coast.

I will create your personalized WordPress Theme with up to 10 pages of content using images from your photoshoot as well as other images and content.

The site will include the following:

  • home page style based on home page with changes you already sent me via email
  • header styling will possibly include a new logo design along with the standard navigation links
  • header and footer styling will be applied throughout the rest of the site once the home page has been finalised
  • a custom contact form
  • a template for blog posts
  • a Shopping Cart Plugin that we will connect to your PayPal account so that you can receive online payment for services you decide to offer
  • random advice and suggestions for ways to display content that will target your people and encourage them to sign up for your services
  • integration of your website and iCalendar with your Calendly account along with a page where clients can make appointments with you
  • basic SEO functionality
  • built-in mobile friendly design to adjust well to devices like tablets and cell phones

Should additional features be needed, we’ll discuss those and agree on whether or not they will be included in this quote, or if they would require a project price adjustment.

Content Updates

This project will include content updates such as images, navigation menu items that may need adjustment, and page content updates.

Project Quote: $1950 over 3 payments




Thank You for trusting me and choosing to work with me!!