Websites by Maryna

Project for Jane Smuts

Hi Jane!

You can sign up here for your website design.

Project Scope

Set up new website (host/design/style) for

This project will include 12 months of free managed WordPress Hosting and Security on LiquidWeb. After the initial 12 month period, we’ll set up a monthly or annual hosting plan ($15 monthly/$160 annual).

Set up a custom theme using the Thesis framework. Jane and Maryna will work together to come up with design and styling for the Home Page. Header styling will include “Jane Smuts” brand styling and colors along with the standard navigation links. Footer styling will include a link to a standard Privacy Policy to comply with GDPR Privacy requirements for websites. The header and footer styling will then be applied throughout the rest of the site. Once the site has been completed, it will be easy to update and change styling as business needs grow and change.

Content will include an About page, Book project page, Resources/Interesting information page, and Contact page/links as needed. We can add more pages during the design stage as needed.

The new site will include built-in mobile friendly design to adjust well to devices like tablets and cell phones. Additional mobile friendly coding will be applied once the site is complete, to ensure that all content displays well on cell phones and tablets.

The project will include a document explaining how to update page content and add new blog posts.

The project will include setting up an email address ( and instructions on managing this email account via Gmail.


Project Quote: $800 in 4 automated monthly installments of $200

The 4 equal payments will be spaced one month apart and will automatically be processed one month, two months, and three months after the initial payment.




Thank You, Jane!! It’s going to be so much fun working with you!