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Project for Lauren Hill

Hi Lauren!

You can sign up here for your website project.

Project Scope

Create a Blogging website and WordPress Theme for

Site will be hosted with Ace Host where a first version of the blogging site is set up and where is also currently hosted.

Set up a WordPress theme using the Thesis framework. Set up the Site Home Page for Blogging posts as per styling notes in email from Lauren dated August 22, 2022. Reference this email for styling and content requirements. Set up 3 – 5 additional pages as per Lauren’s email notes. Lauren and Maryna will work together to adjust styling so that it works for Lauren. Header styling will include logo brand styling and colors along with the standard navigation links or possibly a hamburger type menu icon. Include social media links, privacy policy, copyright info, etc. in the footer area of the site. The header and footer styling will then be applied throughout the rest of the site.

Design and style a mailing list signup area – possibly in the footer area of the website. This will link to Lauren’s MailChimp account.

Provide link from the new site to and from there to Placement and styling of the links will be flexible to experiment with options and provide what Lauren likes best.

Transfer all blog posts from to the new site and include styling functionality as described in Lauren’s email. This will include comments functionality and links to categories and related posts.

The new site will include built-in mobile friendly design to adjust well to devices like tablets and cell phones. Additional mobile friendly coding will be applied once the site is complete, to ensure that all content displays well on cell phones and tablets.

Set up a video demonstrating best practices for updating WordPress Pages and Posts as well as other tasks that Lauren would like to perform herself.


Project Quote: $1300

This project will be funded via a 2 Payment option with two payments of $660 that will be spaced one month apart with the second payment automatically processed one month after the initial payment.




Thank You, Lauren! I’m looking forward to working with you!