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Project for Suzie Hurley

Hi Suzie!

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Project Scope

Create new design/style and WordPress Theme for

Set up a new theme using the Thesis framework. Suzie and Maryna will work together to come up with a Home Page style. Header styling will possibly include a new logo design along with the standard navigation links. The header and footer styling will then be applied throughout the rest of the site.

A development site will be set up on Suzie’s Dreamhost hosting account using a subdomain such as This means that will not be affected at all during the development of the new look. Once development is complete, it will take less than an hour to move the changes to the main site and this will be done during night time on the East Coast.

The new site will include built-in mobile friendly design to adjust well to devices like tablets and cell phones. Additional mobile friendly coding will be applied once the site is complete, to ensure that all content displays well on cell phones and tablets.

Content Updates

This project will include minor content updates such as images that may need to be updated, navigation menu items that may need adjustment, and page content that may require minor updates. This includes updates to the content on the home page and in the footer area. After the new site is complete, page content updates as well as styling updates will be much easier to do and will take very little time.


Project Quote: $1200




Thank You!!