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Hi Laura!

Take a look at this proposal and let me know what you think.

Website Re-Design Implementation for Laura Wagner

Phase 1: Front Page and About Page Templates

This project will clone your current site to a development area ensuring that your live site isn’t affected at all during development of the new design.  We’ll set up the latest version of the Thesis theme and create a custom Skin to match Michelle Knox’s designs.

Here’s what this project estimate includes:

  • Setting up a development environment and cloning your site to that environment where we’ll make the design changes.
  • Creating a new customized Skin that will have all the styling for the new design.
  • The front page is where the major work effort will be and that includes setting up the site logo and navigation link area as well as the footer area including the Opt In to your mailing list. These areas can then be re-used on additional new page templates.  The front page will also include the section below the navigation links with “Love Your Body. Love Your Life. Release the Weight.” image and special opt in area, the Meet Laura area, and the links to recent blog posts section – all with the scrolling pink rose background behind those sections.
  • The about page will reuse the logo and navigation links areas as well as the footer areas and then create styling for the top and bottom image areas.

Additional Phase Development Estimates:

  • We will re-use styling from the Front Page and About Page to create additional page templates as per Michelle’s designs. An estimated development cost per template is approximately $200 per template and will be refined once designs are complete.
  • We’re also looking at around $300 at the end of the project to go in and tweak code to ensure that the site looks good on all devices such as cell phones and tablets.  My code does have built in functionality to adjust nicely, but with a custom design like this, there’s always a little more tweaking needed to ensure that everything is perfect.  It’s best to wait till the end of the project to do that so that we don’t end up making changes that then mean re-doing the phone and tablet design code.
  • The final step is moving everything to your live site once we’re ready to go and for that we’re looking at another $100 – $200.

Quote for Phase 1

Front Page and About Page: $1,500
Current Credit: $398
Adjusted Phase 1 Cost: $1,100

Single Payment Option

Two Pay Option

($100 savings)


Two automated payments of $550
(2nd payment after 30 days)


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