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5 Things You Need to Know about WordPress Website Security

MALWARE red stamp textCongratulations,You have a WordPress Website where your people can find you and sign up for the services you offer!

But now you need to protect your website from malicious attacks. In 2017 we’re seeing increasing threats to online information. How can you reduce the risk for your Website and Online Business?

How do you find the out more about protecting your website

MalwareWhere do you start?

What needs to be done?

How do you learn more about tools available?

I remember being in that place and being overwhelmed when my website got hacked

Even though I’m a WordPress Web Designer, I didn’t know where to start to get my site cleaned up and what to do to prevent future attacks. I wasn’t sure  exactly what goes into reducing risk and making my site more secure.

There is So Much to Learn

Knowing that there are good practices for WordPress Websites along with lots of confusing information that may not be essential, I wanted to do it the “right” way following standard procedures that would provide enough security without going overboard.

But how to find the best essential practices?

Fortunately, I’ve learned my way around researching WordPress related issues, and I soon found a reputable company to clean up my site as well as recommendations on essential best practices to reduce the risk of future attacks to my site.

Since then I’ve been offering my website security maintenance service to clients giving them peace of mind that their sites are being taken care of every month.

It Doesn’t Have to be So Hard

I would love to make your journey easier, by sharing what I’ve learned.

Download my free gift to you: 5 Things You Need to Know About WordPress Website Security and start implementing a few basic procedures that will reduce the risk of your site being taken down my malicious attacks and ensure that your business has an online presence where new and existing clients can find you and sign up to work with you.