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Thesis 2.1 websites are here!!

I’ve been using the Thesis theme with WordPress for over 3 years because I love it’s clean code and powerful built-in functionality. Though powerful, the original Thesis 1.8 framework was somewhat limited in built-in design features and it took coding to create a different look.  Thesis version 2 changed all that and now the theme is much more powerful and flexible.

For the past year, I’ve been building sites using Thesis 2.1 and besides appreciating the design flexibility, I also like it’s built-in responsive (automatically adjusting your site for optimum display on different devices like iPhones, IPads, etc.) feature.  If you choose to work with me, we’ll have the ability to create designs with far wider flexibility than those I designed a few years ago using Thesis 1.8.

Examples of Thesis 2.1 websites

Allison Mecham Evans Sunita Alves Susan Grace Carroll
Anna Sparks Shot of Calm Maritha Barthuly


Examples of WordPress websites built on the Thesis 1.8 Theme

Besides my own website, here are links for some of the Thesis 1.8 websites I’ve built for clients.

Idea Wrangler Christy Shell Diane Hunter
Sandi Shroads Connie Cruthirds The Gathering
Alexia Camfield Deb Butler


Contact me if you have questions about a look you’d like for your site, but you don’t see anything like that here.

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Upgrade your Thesis 1.8 site to Thesis 2.1!!

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