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Online Forms

Does this sound like you?

  • you are a coach and you spend an inordinate amount of time on pre-work for new clients
  • it’s difficult tracking the pre-work and trying to remember where you have the data stored
  • it’s a nightmare trying to save pre-work in a format that your clients can update and return to you
  • though your clients love you, they find it difficult to send you feedback in a format that is easy for them to send and easy for you to turn into client testimonials.

What if you could make things easy with online forms?

How would you like something like this:

  • an electronic intake and feedback forms hosted on your website
  • the ability to send your new clients to these forms where they can fill in the data, click the submit button, and they’re done
  • receive an automated email with the client’s pre-work / feedback responses as soon as they’ve completed the online form
  • manage data for all your clients on your website

Simplify Pre-work / Client Feedback with a WordPress Intake Form Plugin

Yes, it can be done and I’d love to set it up for you. Preview my Feedback Form for this package to see if this might work for you.

We can create a pre-work form customized with the information you want from new clients! The WordPress Gravity Forms Plugin, will do it all for you. Of course you can purchase the plugin yourself and set it up, but if you’d rather not deal with figuring it out, I’d love to set it up for you.

Only $150!

Sign up for Online Forms and let’s make it happen!

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What’s included in Automated Forms?

Here’s what you’ll get:

  • The Gravity Forms Plugin ($39 value – my Developer license for personal use on your website)
  • Installation and Configuration of Gravity Forms Plugin on your website
  • Set up one new form with up to 25 data fields
  • Create a page on your website that hosts the form
  • Test and make adjustments to the form to fit your needs
  • A document with pretty pictures showing you how to access data that clients send you
  • Up to two 15 minute calls to review your requirements and teach you how to use your form data
  • eMail access to me if you have questions.

How does it work once you’ve signed up for Automated Forms?

Here’s what will happen once you’ve signed up:

  • You’ll be taken to a welcome page on my site where you can schedule a chat to go over your requirements.  If we determine at this stage that Gravity Forms may not be for you, I’ll issue a full refund.
  • You’ll email me the Form you’d like to automate.
  • I’ll set it up along with the page your clients will access to fill out the form.
  • I’ll send you a link to the form page so that you can fill out the form yourself and let me know about any tweaks needed.
  • I’ll send you your personalized document showing you how to access data from the form.
  • We’ll schedule a second call if needed to go over final questions.
  • You’ll send the link to this Online Form page to your client, making them easy to send you information that you need, and you’ll sit back and relax waiting for the email letting you know that the form details are ready for your review!!

Still have questions?

email me and we’ll get them answered!

My guarantee to you

After our 20 minute initial chat, if you decide this isn’t for you or if I determine that your technical environment may not work with Gravity Forms, I will issue you a full refund, no questions asked.

Of course this is something you can figure out yourself, but if you don’t have the time for the research, for only $150, this is a quick and easy alternative.

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