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B-School Special

Coming soon, but not quite as soon as I had hoped…

I’m putting together new packages and website offers and all the bits and pieces haven’t quite come together yet.  Funny how it’s so much easier to provide services to my clients than to take care of my own website designs and updates!! 😉

Part of the reason this is taking time, is that I’m offering websites built on the Thesis theme.  I’ve been doing this for over 3 years now with Thesis version 1.8 and have always been happy with the nice clean code that Thesis is built on.  Over a year ago, Thesis came out with version 2 that uses a completely different structure and makes it possible to provide a LOT more flexibility in the look and functionality of a site, without having to do extensive custom coding.  Though the learning curve has been steep, I’m blown away by the flexibility and power Thesis 2 provides.

So…  here’s my old link to websites I’ve created.

I’m planning a package for a basic site built on Thesis 2.1 and it will be priced at $599.  Though I don’t have the details ready for publication, I do have the basic functionality planned out and would be happy to go over what I offer and discuss what you’re looking for.

Please Email me if you have questions or book time on my calendar if you’d like to talk about what you’d like and what I may be able to offer you.